Team Canvas

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What is this canvas about?
Team Canvas is a modification of the infamous Business Model Canvas [Insert link here.]. It was designed by Alexey Ivanov & Dmitry Voloshchuk. Team canvas is a visual model that helps team members align on what is most important to them individually and as a group.

Why should you use this canvas?
Whether you are a team working on a new project at a large company or a startup, achieving your goals and gaining success is a team effort. "Team" is the main ingredient of a productive culture. In order to avoid opt-outs, a team has to be formed around a clear purpose. This canvas helps a team to define the purpose and buildup goals and values around this purpose. Team Canvas allows teams to line up around clear roles and facilitate the agreement for norms.

When should you use this canvas?
Team Canvas can be an onboarding tool for team members or a team creation framework. It can have multiple applications. We recommend teams use it at the very start of forming a group. This way, the team can quickly clarify goals and can address performance criteria. The tool is also beneficial in onboarding new team members, as well as general alignment.

Who should be involved when working on this canvas?
Some models can only work effectively when many people are applying them. Some are for more modest sizes. Our experience with creative groups and startup teams suggests that Team Canvas works optimally when the group is 3-7 people. The Canvas requires all team members that have critical roles and responsibilities for the team's success.

How should you go through this canvas?

As its muse [Insert BMC link here.] the Team Canvas consists of 9 key blocks. The team members are advised to start from the top left block and go through the blocks right to left first. As they went through People & Roles, Common and Personal Goals, Purpose, and Values, they can jump to Strengths & Assets, Weaknesses & Risks. In this way, they can elaborate more clearly on Needs & Expectations, and Rules & Activities. It takes almost 90 minutes to go through the whole canvas.

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