Purpose Driven Innovation for Enterprises

We inspire and empower organizations to build innovative culture and new products by themselves that meet the genuine needs of the customers.

We help you to design specific solutions for genuine customer needs.

GOOINN organize workshops, mentoring sessions, and provides digital tools to establish innovation and corporate entrepreneurship structure within the company and transform it into a competence.

Corporate Innovation

We assist you to cultivate innovative methods to transform your organization from within.

5-Day Innovation Sprint

We help you to validate ideas quickly by focusing on what your customers need, and by prototyping rapidly.

Innovative Solutions

We enable you to inspire, and empower people in your organization via digital products.

Digital Products

With the digital products we offer, we help your employees to increase their ability to contribute to value creation.

Startup Cooperation

We create a ground where you can create value with initiatives that are in line with your organization's strategies.

Content & Community

We prepare podcasts and newsletters that will nurture your institution's innovation culture.

Parlak Bi' Fikir

Smart Life 2030 Sustainability vision owned by Zorlu Holding and a special process designed within the scope of GOOINN venture builder building service is the integration of innovation culture into the institution and the emergence of initiatives from within the institution.

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Who we are ?

Team is the secret of success

Atakan Babacan

Accelerator Coordinator &
Innovation Consultant

Baran Gurcan

TR Country Manager &
Innovation Consultant

Deniz Karapanca

Market Research Manager


Ecem Guler

Marketing Specialist

Takım websitesi görsel sırası (5).png

Mutlu Sakar

Product Manager


Nisa Eser

UX & UI Design Intern

Omer Aydin

Innovation Consultant

Adsız tasarım.png

Volkan Ersumer

Technical Lead & Software Developer


Yavuz Cingitas

Founder, Innovation Consultant &
UK Director

Ekip Görselleri .png

Kayla Mercan Cingitas

Artist & Podcaster

Yavuz Çingitaş

Founder, UK Country Manager
& Innovation Consultant

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